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बाइबल एपको शक्ति तपाईंको चर्च सेवामा ल्याउनुहोस्।

तपाइको मण्डलीलाई तपाइको सन्देशसँग संलग्न हुन आवश्यक सबै कुरा, र अरूसँग बाड्न/ शयेर गर्न। नि: शुल्क, पेपर रहित, र पहिले नै लाखौं डीभाइसहरूमा इन्स्टल गरिएको।

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तपाईंको वचनबाट अझ धेरै आशिस पाउन बिश्वासीहरुलाई साहयता गर्नुहोस।

सहभागीहरुले धर्मशास्त्रलाई पछ्याउन सक्छन, त्यसमा संलग्न हुन सक्छन्, टिप्पणीहरु लिन सक्छन्, र साथै आफ्रनो व्यक्तिगत प्रतिलिपि पनि भबिष्यको लागि सुरक्षित राख्न सक्छन्।

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तपाइको सामग्री उनीहरूको स्मार्टफोनमा

सन्देश रूपरेखाहरू, सूचनाहरू, अनलाइन आर्थिकसहयोग दिने लिङ्कहरू ... तपाईले आफ्नो मण्डलीमा संचार गर्न आवश्यक सबैकुरा - 100% नि: शुल्क शेयर गर्नुहोस।

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तपाईंको बिश्वासीहरुलाई बाइबलको गहिराइमा अगुवाइ गर्नुहोस।

बिस्वासीहरुलाई हप्ता भरी वचनमा रहनको लागि सहायता गर्न बाइवल अध्ययनको योजना र डिभोसनहरुको सुझाव दिनुहोस।

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शक्तिशाली को मतलब जटिल हो भन्ने बुझ्नुहुदैन।

Easily create Events from any web-connected Mac or PC. Simply drag-and-drop each of your Event pieces into place, rearranging, editing, and tweaking as you go.

All the building blocks you need…to make exactly the Events you want.

Flexible modules save you time and effort. Combine elements to create new Events from scratch. Or reuse your existing Events and modify them as necessary. Even copy existing Events and modify them to suit completely different types of gatherings. All along the way, Preview lets you see your Event content exactly as your attenders will.

Text Module बाइबल खण्ड मोड्युल

Outlines, key points, discussion questions… Share any text content that will help your attenders follow along with your message as it’s happening.

Bible References बाइबल सन्दर्भहरू

Display passages right where your message refers to them, linked to any of the Bible App’s 1200+ versions, in 900+ languages — no copying or pasting required.

Reading Plans Module पढ्ने योजना मोड्युल

Link to Bible Plans and Devotionals that relate to your teaching points, helping your audience continue to engage with God’s Word throughout the week.

External Links वेब लिङ्क मोड्युल

आफ्ना दर्शकहरूलाई आर्थिक सहयोग गर्न, स्वयंसेवक बन्न, र चर्च को वेबसाइटको होमपेज भिजिट गर्ने जस्ता कदमको निम्ति नजिकै राख्नुहोस। कुनैपनि बाहिरी लिङ्क तपाईंको इभेन्ट भित्र राख्नुहोस।

Image Module तस्विर मोड्युल

Bring your Event to life with series art, photos, Verse Images, and more. Attenders can easily share Event images to their social media, taking your message viral.

Announcement Module सूचना मोड्युल

Easily distribute all your timely, important information: church news, calendar events, programs, classes, volunteer and missions opportunities, and more.

Multiple Locations स्थान र समय

Let people know where and when your Event is taking place — even for Events happening at multiple times and locations.

Duplicate Events कार्यक्रमहरू नक्कल गर्नुहोस

Save time and effort. Rapidly create new Events by copying existing ones and modifying them with updated information.

Cost Savings खर्चको बचत

Save money on printing and use less paper… even as you’re reaching out to people on a platform with more than 200 million installs.

The average church spends $10,000 a year
on printing bulletins. Events helps you cut or
even eliminate those costs.


Bill White

“We were excited to implement YouVersion in our ministry, especially the Events section, where we insert each week’s teaching notes and comments. Our people appreciate having the notes at their fingertips, sharing them, and saving them. We’ve redirected thousands of dollars to other ministry needs by replacing printed programs!”

Pastor Bill White
Christ Journey Church


“YouVersion Events is a valuable resource for our church family. The ability for our people to follow along with sermon notes and Scriptures during our messages creates powerful engagement and impact.”

Pastor Herbert Cooper
People’s Church

Cindy Beall

“We use Events for all of our sessions, allowing our attendees to have the notes and Scriptures from the speakers right in front of them. Events has saved us printing thousands of pages! Setting up an Event is incredibly easy, and it’s always published at the exact time we need it.”

Cindy Beall
Leading and Loving It
Director of Equip

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Events is all-new, entirely free, and only in the Bible App.

A revolution in Bible engagement is taking place within our lifetimes. Installed on more than 220 million unique devices so far (and counting), the Bible App is helping people in every country on earth connect more with God’s Word. And now, through Events, we’re happy to offer the reach of that platform to you.