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Iṅǵīl Yesū El-Messīhnilin, Markosin Fāyisīn Nagittā 1885

Nobiin (Halfawi)


The Nòbíín (Nobiin) language is spoken along the banks of the River Nile in southern Egypt and northern Sudan.

Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark and the Lord's Prayer from Matthew 6 were translated into the Fiadidja Nòbíín (Nobiin) form of Nubian by Karl Richard Lepsius in 1860. They were written in Roman (Latin) script. It was edited by Leo Reinisch and reprinted by the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) in London 1885. It was entitled Iṅǵīl Yesū El-Messīhnilin, Markosin Fāyisīn Nagittā.

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