Pregnancy Prayers - Pray For Your Baby

Méditation quotidienne

Pray For Your Baby - Day 12

Pregnancy Prayer — Obedience/Attitude

Creator of the Universe,

You wrap Yourself in light as if it were a robe, the heavens proclaim Your righteousness, and I bow down before You, Lord, our Maker. I praise you, God, for great is Your love, reaching to the heavens, and Your faithfulness reaches to the skies. I exalt You, Father. Let Your glory be over all of the earth. You are the Eternal, the Great I Am, the King of Kings, and the Lords of Lords!

Your Word says that if we obey You and keep Your commands, we will be blessed.

Jesus, please help my baby to always obey You by keeping all of Your commandments and to do what is right in Your eyes. I pray that my child will always do Your will, for You are his or her God. And please give my child a cheerful attitude in all that he or she does. Forgive me, Lord, when my attitude has not been pleasing to You. Let my child do everything whole-heartedly, as unto the Lord and not to men. Let others see a bright shining light when they look upon my child.

Help my baby to obey and respect me, because Your Commandment says to honor your parents, as well as to submit to authority. When Satan tempts my child to disobey, please help me to teach my child to hold up the Shield of Faith; with this, we can extinguish all of the flaming arrows from the evil one. We are taught in Your Word that we are created to be like You; true, righteous, and holy. Give my child a holy and happy attitude. Let my child not complain and whine to try to get his or her way. Help me to lead by example and to be compliant to Your Word and have a heart of thankfulness in all circumstances.

Lord, please help my child today to be obedient and have a Godly attitude.