Kanāci Kihci Masinahikan (KKMR)

Plains Cree

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Western Cree Bible

(Roman script version)

About Western Cree

In reality, there is no such language as “Western Cree.” However, the western varieties of Cree, currently known as Plains Cree, Alberta Cree, Swampy Cree, and Woods Cree, have at times been lumped together under the term “Western Cree.”

About This Translation

A Bible was published in “Western Cree” in 1862 by the British and Foreign Bible Society. It had been translated by William Mason (a missionary ministering in Norway House) and particularly by his wife Sophia Thomas Mason (from Red River, whose mother was Cree), with substantial contributions by indigenous co-workers John Sinclair and the Reverend Henry Bird Steinhauer. This was the second Bible printed in a North American indigenous language. It was printed entirely in syllabics. This Bible was later revised by Archdeacon MacKay and Richard Faries. This Bible has remained in use in Cree communities up to the present day. It has been out of print for several years, and there are frequent requests for copies. The text has now been digitized, and corrections are being done to the typos that crept into the text.

This Roman script text was generated automatically from the Syllabics version of the translation.

If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of this Bible, please contact the Canadian Bible Society at http://www.biblescanada.com.

Copyright Information

The Holy Bible in Western Cree © 2018 Canadian Bible Society.

The text of the Holy Bible in Western Cree that appears in this electronic format or website is for personal use only.

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