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Hope of the World - September 25 | Leawood
Hope for All
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Race 2 Unite KC | October 8
Run, walk, volunteer, or attend this 5k down Troost Avenue put on by Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The race starts at 8:30am, and a rally will follow the race at 10am. Details at
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This symposium on aging is presented by both Consortium for Care and Christ Community. It will be held October 8, from 8am-2:30pm at the Leawood Campus. This one-day event is open to the community and offers classes and resources on topics of caregiving and aging. Find more info and register at
Title: Hope for All
Scripture: Ephesians 4:17-5:2
Speaker: Andrew Jones,

> Hope changes everything.
> Hope makes us new.
> Hope makes us strange.
> Hope makes us love
>> What if our goal is to be strange in all the right ways?
>> What if we were a people of hope?
Conversation Starters – Leawood Campus

TAKEAWAY: How would you explain this sermon to a non church-going person?

DRAWING CONNECTIONS: God is in the business of calling a people and transforming their lives for the benefit of others. Where else do we see this in the Bible? (eg. Abraham, Israel, Isa 49:6) Where in the history of the church?

MAKE IT PERSONAL: Read Ephesians 4:25-32. What are some specific ways that following Jesus causes us to be or look “strange” to others? In what ways has this strangeness impacted others? Your neighbors? Community? Workplace?

ASSESSING HABITS: What are the practices you employ or might employ to grow in “putting on the new self” like Paul talks about?

NAVIGATING CULTURE: Being “strange” doesn’t mean that we have an excuse to be unrelatable. How do we navigate being faithful to following Jesus and yet still maintain a sense of relatability?

PRAYER: Imagine what our community would look like if the church contained transformed people who loved as Christ loved. Is this truly hope for all? (To begin a time of prayer Read Ephesians 3:14-19. Notice what Paul prays for for the church. Incorporate Paul’s prayer requests in your prayers.)

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