The Gathering @ New Hope
After we make it to Heaven, what then? As you stand before Christ & give account for your life on Earth, how do you handle the fact that your life's work could be burnt up in a moments notice if the quality doesn't pass God's standards? We must begin now giving our energies & attentions to those things which will make it through the FIRE. As we dig into the implications surrounding this thought, we ask Jesus to Reveal to Us what will be Revealed by Fire. #FIRED
Locations & Times
  • New Hope Assembly of God
    110 W 58th St S, Muskogee, OK 74401, USA
    Wednesday 7:00 PM
S4 Collision
A Collision of Youth Groups from across Muskogee County longing to worship Jesus as a collective body! September 19th, 7pm, @ New Hope!
October 14-15
Crossroads Church / OKC
$70 total / $40 deposit due by Oct. 5
The Judgment Seat of Christ (Fire Bible Excerpt)
God’s people will have to give account of their earthly lives
Lets make one thing abundantly clear – we are not saved by our own works; we are saved by God’s grace & what Jesus accomplished through his life, death, & resurrection
But we will all still have to give account for all we have done & all we have not done
This relates specifically to opportunities we had to honor God & serve His purposes
Whatever buys your time, buys your life
Relationships without Spiritual Encouragement will get #FIRED
I can’t take Constructive Criticism from someone who has never Constructed anything before
If you can’t/won’t build anyone up – your opinions will rarely be heard
If people are the only things you get to take with you to Heaven, why not create Eternal Relationships
Careers without Heavenly Mindsets get #FIRED
Find your God-Given Destiny in whatever field of Occupation you Occupy
Work with a sense of Reckless Eternal Destiny
Jesus needs more Bold, Reckless followers in the Work Place than in the Pulpit
Perseverance in Goodness will be Rewarded
The goodness of your life should not be based on accolades or accreditations, but rather on the understanding that Jesus’ name has been lifted up
The off ramps on the road of Righteousness, although seemingly quicker lead to death
Getting ahead in life is not worth sacrificing your Character

Humility Will be Rewarded
Humility is not thinking low of yourself, but thinking highly of the One you live for
I pray – “Let me Learn Humility so as not to be Taught Humility”
Generosity will be Rewarded
Time / Effort / Attention