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When we take steps forward we make progress! In our message series, STEPS, we will all look to take a step forward in 5 areas of growth in our walk with the Lord.
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The first step of connection is SALVATION
The second step of connection is BAPTISM
The third step of connection is FELLOWSHIP
Fellowship involves ATTENDANCE (v42)
People were committed to corporate worship

The Apostle’s teaching (preaching/teaching)Fellowship (koinonia…sharing)Breaking of Bread (communion/ordinances)Prayer (worship/prayer)

This involved CONSISTENCY (continually)

This involved COMMITMENT (devoted, can be translated “addicted”)
This commitment is needed today (Hebrews 10:24-25)

“To stimulate” = to stir up

“Forsaking” = more than inconsistent attendance. It means to leave behind, forsake or abandon

This produces encouragement and is even more important the closer we get to the Lord’s return
What is fellowship?

Biblical Fellowship includes attendance but involves much more than just attendance

Fellowship literally means “a communion.” It means to have something in common…a common participation

It describes a community in which individuals willingly pledge to share, to be in submission to each other, to support one another, bear one another’s burdens, build up each up in our walk with the Lord
Fellowship involves AWE (v43)

Awe (phobos) = fear or holy terror; written in the imperfect tense showing continual action

This awe was caused by:
The POWER of God (signs and wonders)
Fellowship involves ACTIVITY (v44-45)

“Had all things in common” = this is not total communal living but rather unity of purpose in living

The result was in meeting each other’s needs

All verbs are in the imperfect tense = continual action

They were even willing to sell their possessions in order to meet the vital needs of others (not compulsory, Acts 5:4)

Fellowship involves ACCOUNTABILITY (v46-47)

Their was a relational activity that went beyond corporate meetings but also in individual homes

These small group relationships provided much needed accountability that caused growth and made it less likely to stumble in sinful traps

Step 1: Trust Christ and be baptized
Step 2: Become a member of the church
Step 3: Join (or lead) a life group