Missions in Your Weekly Gatherings
How to introduce, develop and promote a missions vision in your church.
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    Friday 8:30 AM
You Must Believe that Missions is a Biblical Priority
Matthew 28:18-20
Acts 1:8
Heaven's "Time Clock" is Set to the Completion of the Great Comission

Matthew 24:14 "This Gospel...will be preached...to all nations...then the end will come."
The Task WILL BE Accomplished

Rev. 7:9-11
Taking the Gospel to ALL NATIONS is a divine mandate, not an option!

It's called the "Great Commission" not the "Great Suggestion."
Missions Involvement is for EVERY Believer

Two levels of involvement:
1) Going
2) Sending

Romans 10:13-15
Acts 4:12

For missionaries, to be fully funded is not the same as being fully supported, and being send is not the same as being let go!

Those who go, and those who send must merge their callings - both equally important

Serving as Senders - Neal Pirolo
Strategic Missions Planning and Implementation is Important

Any vision must begin with the leadership or it will never be embraced by the congregation.

The vision embraced by the leadership must then be extended to the congregation

The local church is the main source of strategic and consistent prayer support, recruitment of future missionaries and financial support.

Four Things to Find Out Regarding a Potential Missionary to Support

1. does s/he have a vision, and what bis it?
2. Does the church identify with that vision?
3. Does the missionary demonstrate a servant's spirit?
4. Does the missionary have a track record in the area to which s/he feels called?

Create an environment where a missions vision is encouraged

Create awareness of missionaries and projects

Place a map conspicuously in the church

Encourage prayer for missions at home (Operation World, Newsletters from missionaries, Voice of the Martyrs, etc.)

Share "tid-bits" from missionary prayer letters, include short videos provided by the missionary, video calls, etc.)

Lead pastor lead in prayer from the pulpit for missionaries

Home groups adopt a missionary family to pray for, communicate with and encourage.

Encourage and support short-term missions trips
Special Promotions of Missions

Annual Missions Conferences (theme, goals, planning)

Annual "Faith Promise Offering"

Monthly Missions Sunday where some aspect of the church's missions involvement is highlighted.