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Free For All - Part 3
Tim Haring- It's not what you do that matters, but in whom you trust.
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FREE FOR ALL - Part 3 [September 03/04, 2016] Tim Haring

It's hard to believe that we only need to believe.
It's not what you do that matters, but in whom you trust.
The Jews did not crucify criminals; they stoned them to death. But in cases of shameful violation of the Law, the body was hung on a tree and exposed for all to see. This was a great humiliation
– Dr. Warren Wiersbe

Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think people in our culture don’t like the word “sin?” How would you define “sin?” Do you think most people will admit that they are “sinners?” Explain your answer.
2. What do most people think you need to do in order to get right with God? What do you personally think you need to do? Why?
3. Read Galatians 3:6-13. How many times do the words “faith” or “believe” appear in these verses? Why the emphasis on faith? Why is it important that we are “accepted by God” on the same basis as Abraham was?
4. Explain verse 10. What is wrong with trying to get right with God by obeying his commands?
5. Read Galatians 3:13 and Deuteronomy 21:22-23. In what sense did Christ become a curse for us?
6. What does this phrase mean, “the righteous will live by faith?” Read Ephesians 2:8-9. Why do you think God loves faith? In what way is trust the foundation of any good relationship?
7. How might you apply tonight’s lesson to your life?

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