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Face Your Fears: The Fear of Death
What causes Fear in your life? Through this sermon series we will learn how to face our fears from a biblical point of view.
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The man involved is Lazarus, a very good friend of Jesus (he whom you love, v3), who lived in the town of Bethany

Though the nature of his illness is not given, his condition was serious and death was imminent

Lazarus lived with his sisters, Mary and Martha (see v4)

In desperation, they call for Jesus to come

Once Jesus gets the message, He waits two days

When it comes to death, God’s timing is always perfect
Jesus = Let us go to Judea again (v7)

Disciples = The Jews are seeking to stone you there (v8)

Jesus = Lazarus, is sleeping…I must wake him (v11)

Disciples = If he is sleeping, He’ll recover - Don’t go (v12)

Jesus = Lazarus is dead…let us go there (v14-15)

Thomas = Let’s go so that we may die with Jesus – ultimately, Jesus would experience death (v16)

The disciples had concerns/fears over death (I can relate to that)
By the time Jesus arrives, Lazarus had been buried for 4 days

Martha went out to meet Jesus…“If You had been here” (v21)

Jesus is patient with Mary and offers hope
“Your brother will rise again” - Jesus was going to raise Lazarus immediately; Martha thought he meant at the end of the age (v23)

“I am the resurrection and the life” (v25)

This is the fifth of seven “I AM” statements in John

Jesus was claiming to have power over death

“He who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die” (v25-26)

The one who believes in Jesus will live even if he dies physically because God will raise him on the last day

The one who believes in Jesus has eternal life and will never die spiritually even though he may die physically

“Do you believe this?” (v26)
Mary goes out to meet Jesus…“If You had been here” (v32)

Jesus saw Mary weeping, a word meaning to lament loudly (v33)

Jesus was moved in spirit and troubled (v33)

Jesus wept…used only here = silently bursting into tears (v34)

When it comes to facing the fear of death – Jesus cares!

The people question the validity of Jesus (v37)
Jesus = Remove the stone (v39)

Martha = But there will be a stench (v39)

In a real way, death stinks in many ways!

Jesus = If you believe you will see the glory of God (v40)

When facing death, don’t stop believing!

Jesus = Lazarus, come forth (v43)

Jesus = Unbind him and let him go (v44)
Some became BELIEVERS (v45); Some became BITTER (v46)

Do you believe this?