Ponce City Missional Community - 8/7
"Rhythms" is a study in the Books of Psalms about some of the life rhythms we all experience. This vintage collection of songs, poetry & spoken word speaks to us from the hearts and emotions of people that lived many.many years ago, but their struggles, joy, anxiety and passion is clear today. Join us this week for a discussion about the rhythm of "waiting." How long?
Locations & Times
  • Ponce City Market, Apartment W330
    675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA
    Sunday 6:00 PM
Some songs or poems capture exactly how we're feeling at the time.

Psalms is a collection of windows into people's lives and how they felt at different time of their lives.
We can almost feel the emotion.
We can feel the rhythm they are in.
Sometimes we resonate with that rhythm.
One of those rhythms is... waiting.
Have you ever waited for something?
What was it? Did it ever happen?

Why is it hard to wait?
(write down some thoughts in the space for personal notes, or capture them in a journal) This could be very important for your future well-being!
What is this person waiting for?
Can you relate?
What is this person waiting for?
How would you tell this story today?
What is this person waiting for?
What are they feeling?
Keep in mind, the next two passages are from the same psalm, presumably written by the same person...
What is this person waiting for?
Do these lines seem to conflict with each other since they are in the same poem/song?
At our MC meeting on Sunday, we look forward to hearing your thoughts about these passages. Barry will share two ideas:
1. The connection between "hope" and "waiting."
2. Three legit reasons why we wait.

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