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Restore: Finding Hope in the Psalms - May 3 | Leawood
Restore My Joy - 9:00 & ON-DEMAND
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1) What stood out to you in the sermon?

2) Tom shared that the Psalmist is “far from home. . . far from all that was once familiar, the people and places he loves, his community of faith. . . [he] longs to be home and to experience the joy he once had! The joy he longs for feels like a distant and haunting memory.” During this pandemic, how have you felt the challenge of being “far from” the people and places we once enjoyed?

3) Three times we read “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God.” The Psalmist speaks truth to himself in the midst of his turmoil. What messages are you telling yourself?

4) Tom shared that these Psalms give us a picture of someone who is overwhelmed. He pointed out that true joy is not found in positive life circumstances, but in relational intimacy with God and the people of God. During this time, what practices, Bible verses, or steps of faith have helped you find joy?

5) Biblical hope is a confident expectation of good things to come that energizes life in the present. What is one way you could share your hope with someone this week?

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Title: Restore My Joy
Scripture: Psalm 42-43
Speaker: Tom Nelson,
>> True joy is not found in positive life circumstances, but in the presence of God
>> Two Keys To Restoring Joy:
- Remember God Delights In You
- Speak Truth To Yourself
"The Psalms guide us into learning how to talk to ourselves--rebuking the hope-sucking discouragements that tend to torpedo our emotional buoyancy. How? Not through self-help pep talks. Not through recounting all the good in our life, hoping it will outweigh the bad. Rather, through remembering who God is: ‘Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God." - ESV Devotional Psalter, Psalm 43

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