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Luke - Out of the Silence
The Gospel of Jesus according to Luke
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    Sunday 11:00 AM


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What we know about Luke

Luke was not one of the 12 disciples
Luke was a doctor
Luke was a believer
Luke traveled with the apostle Paul
Luke set out to write an orderly account of the life and ministry of Jesus
What we would expect from Luke

First, we would expect Luke to be specific
Second, we would expect Luke to give details that could be checked out
Third, we would expect Luke to be thorough
The Setting

It had been 400 years since the nation of Israel had heard from God
400 years without a prophet
400 years of silence
The name John means "the grace of the Lord"
Three things you need to remember during this time

God is present with you
God hears you
God give you His grace
To put it another way

You have God's presence
You have God's attention
You have God's grace