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Online Services // 9a / 11a / 5p On the first resurrection Sunday, nobody expected Jesus to rise again from the dead—not one person. Everyone had watched him die in a moment of darkness and despair. Any hope the disciples had about Jesus being the Messiah was buried along with Him. They all hid in the dark, consumed by discouragement. The devoted women traveling along with Him, weren’t expecting Jesus to ride from the dead. Religious leaders certainly hadn’t been expecting a resurrection either. Soldiers were placed there to guard the tomb so His body wouldn’t be stolen. The Sunday following the crucifixion, they went to the tomb to anoint His body with spices, but were shocked by what they discovered—Jesus wasn’t there. The darkest moment in history occurred when our Creator was crucified. The brightest moment in history was when He rose from the dead. After the darkness of night, came the dawn of a new day. Join us this Easter Sunday, as we explore how the darkness can lead us into the light.
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Easter with The Ridge
[Pastor Tim Haring]
Problem | The death of Jesus was history’s darkest moment
Solution | The resurrection of Jesus was history’s brightest moment
3 reasons we can be sure Jesus rose from the dead:
The eyewitness accounts
3 reasons we can be sure Jesus rose from the dead:
• The eyewitness accounts
Jesus told people ahead of time that it would happen
3 reasons we can be sure Jesus rose from the dead:
• The eyewitness accounts
• Jesus told people ahead of time that it would happen
There is no other explanation for the empty tomb
If we put our faith in Him, we have the promise of eternal life.
The resurrection means, we have the presence of Christ with us.
We have resurrection power at work within us.
We have the promise of eternal life.
We have the presence of a Savior.
We have resurrection power at work within us.

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