Palm Valley Baptist Church
Wednesday Night Bible Study (April 9, 2020)
Wednesday Night Bible Study - April 8, 2020
Locations & Times
  • Palm Valley Baptist Church
    4890 Palm Valley Rd, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA
    Wednesday 7:00 PM
22. ________ for those who __________the________

For whom did Jesus tell his disciples to pray?

Who are the non-Christians in your life? What can you do to help them see their need for Christ?

What barriers stand in the way of people you know listening to the gospel?
23. Be as ____________as________________

Jesus said his apostles should be like two very different animals: _____ and _____ What does the Bible say are the characteristics of these animals?

Why did Jesus give this command? If Jesus were here talking to us today, do you think he would emphasize this command or downplay it?

Why did Jesus say his followers must be shrewd? That doesn’t sound like Jesus.
24. ________ ______. Do not ________ ______

What is the “soul” as mentioned here? (Psalm 35:9-10, Psalm 6:3)

How does the possibility of persecution make you feel? Realistically, in America today, could you be actually persecuted for your Christian views? How?

Do (or should) we serve God because we are afraid of him?
25. ____________ to God’s __________

Jesus often gave this simple command after telling a ____________.

What did Jesus mean by this simple command?

Would this command be likely to broaden his audience or make it smaller?
How might the command be expressed today?

How can we be sure to hear God as well as understanding what we hear?