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Connection Bible Study (Acts 11)
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    Tuesday 2:45 PM
Jesus dealt with the same thing...
^Luke 15:1-2 is literally the foundation of CONNECTION^
Circumcision Party --> Jewish Christians who had become circumcised in order to become believers.

Discussion Questions -

1. When the believers criticized you think it was out of fear (being influenced by gentiles), Anger (a leader lowering himself/the standard), or theologically based (against the rules of God) and why?

2. What radical things might we do in the future that may be criticized by other believers (of any denomination)?

Points to consider -
-We don't grow by living in a cave.
-We tend to live life like social media algorithms. We reinforce our biases and cannot engage other people.
-"The bad news of the spread of good news".

Discussion Question -->

1. Notice the believers were at first shocked by Peter's actions of eating with Gentiles, yet when he told the whole story, they praised God. The fact that Gentiles received the Spirit effectively stopped all theological discussion and intellectual questions. Should reception of the Spirit trump all other conversation? If the Spirit is moving should we have ANY objection?

2. Also notice the power of a changed life. It is the most powerful evidence of the power of God. Is that your testimony? - "My life has been changed by Jesus".
Discussion Questions -->

1. Why is the church so afraid to rub shoulders with unbelievers? (See Jeremiah 29:4-11 below).

2. God used persecution to advance the gospel to Gentile believers. We are not in persecution but we are in Corona. How has this pushed the boundaries of the Kingdom?

3. Does the way we package the gospel matter? Maybe the believers in vs. 19 only spoke to Jews because they were not versatile enough to present Jesus in a different light to different people.

4. Antioch was the 3rd largest city in the Roman Empire with about 750,000 people (Columbus has around 800,000) and a Jewish population of 25,000. According to the text, everyday believers went there and God used them to convert large numbers. This city became the launching pad for Christianity's worldwide mission.

5. Given how we do evangelism today in comparison to Acts, do you think we have lost our first love?
Discussion Question -->

1. Notice that when Barnabus comes and meets the new believers in Antioch, he does not require them to begin keeping Jewish traditions ("you must do this"), he just encourages them to remain true to God with devoted hearts. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP.

2. God took time to break down and then build up Saul in Tarsus. Getting him ready for his world changing ministry. Is this our Tarsus time?

3. It is clear that the people in Antioch started calling them Christian because their message was exclusively about Jesus (Christian = Christ follower). How has the connotation of the word "Christian" changed since the first century? What words are now synonymous with the title?
The disciples decided to help out their brothers and sisters in another region. What could we do now to help people individually and corporately during this crisis?
What do we do now? - #CounterCulture Points

With your prayers we want Connection to embody all that is portrayed in Acts ...

Vision Statement -
We exist to arrange the meeting between people and God.

Mission Statement -
Everything we do is an effort to connect people with God through reckless service, relevant worship, and relational community.