Parkside Baptist Church
The Shepherd and The Sheep, Message Three
Interim Pastor Jerry Coffman delivers a message from 2 Samuel 5:2,12.
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  • Parkside Baptist Church
    301 N Lillis Ln, Denison, TX 75020, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
The Shepherd and The Sheep, Message Three
David: The Shepherd King
2 Samuel 5:2:12
David was a shepherd, a musician, a songwriter, a poet, a warrior, a servant in Saul's court, a fugitive, a king, a saint, a sinner, a lover, an adulterer, a type of the Messiah, a prophet, a husband, a father, a success, and a failure.
I. David, the Shepherd-King of Israel, failed when faced with temptation.
2 Samuel 11
II. Where David, as Israel's Shepherd-King failed, Jesus, our Shepherd-King succeeded. Matthew 4
A. First Temptation - LUST OF THE FLESH.
B. Second Temptation - THE PRIDE OF LIFE.
C. Third Temptation - THE LUST OF THE EYES.