BAGBR Passion Week Lunch Study
Confidently Understanding Why in Uncertainty
The activity of Jesus' last week before His crucifixion gave Him the opportunity to explain why what was going to happen would happen. He explained to His disciples, the crowd and even rulers the glory of the hour that was at hand.
Locations & Times
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    Monday 12:00 PM

Confidently Understanding Why in Uncertainty

Bethany the last time Jn. 11:17-44 –RAISED LAZARUS FROM DEAD
Immediately—Sanhedrin decide that Jesus would be executed Jn. 11:45
...then these events followed...
- Healed Lepers Lk. 17:11-21
- Taught about His return Lk. 17:22-37
- Taught about Prayer (widow/judge & Pharisee/Publican) Lk. 18:1-14
- Discussion/Conflict with Pharisees on divorce Mt. 19:1-12 & Mk. 10:1-12
- Talked about little children & kingdom Mt. 19:13-15, Mk. 10:13-16 & Lk. 18:15-17
- Taught about riches & kingdom Mt. 19:16-30, Mk. 10:17-31 & Lk. 18:18-30
- Parable: Landowner & sovereignty Mt. 20:1-16
- Predicted Resurrection (3rd time) Mt. 20:17-19, Mk. 10:32-34 & Lk. 18:31-34
- Warned against ambitious pride Mt. 20:20-28, Mk. 10:35-45
- Healed blind Bartimaeus and his friend Mt. 20:29-34, Mk. 10:46-52 & Lk. 18:35-43
- Zaccheus: meal & salvation Lk. 19:1-10
- Parable about minas Lk. 19:11-23
His Hour Previously...
Wedding Jn2 (not My hour)
@feast of tabernacles, Jerusalem-The Temple
Relationship w/Father Jn7 (not arrested because His hour had not yet come)
Light & Father Jn8 (not arrested because His hour had not yet come)
The Hour of...
1. Glory v23
2. Trouble v27a
3. Purpose v27b

Interestingly...these are all the same hour.
The three vocal affirmations:
"This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.” Mt. 3:17
“This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him!” Mt. 17:5, Mk. 9:7, Lk. 9:35
“I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.” Jn. 12:28

The Glory of the hour...
1. Wheat v24
2. Cross, lifted up v32
3. Life Eternal v25, Eternal Life v50...word v48, commandment v50
The Word/Commandment...
1. Judgment v48
2. Eternal Life v50
3. Fulfillment v38

What men love...
1. There own life v25
2. Man's Approval v43
3. Blind & Hardened v40
The Father, who sent Him…
1. ..will honor him: who? Jesus’ servant-follower-with Him v26
2. Is the One believed v44
3. Jesus’ teacher v49-50

Jesus is…
1. The glorified in sacrifice/gift v24/32
2. Light v46
3. Savior v47
4. Obedient v49-50

1. Hates his life v25
2. Servant/follower of Jesus/honored by the Father v26
3. Sons of the Light v36
4. Not remain in darkness v46
5. Eternal Life v50