Revolution Church
April 5, 2020 Group / Personal Study Guide
Use this simple study guide to help you dig deeper into the weekend message with your family, your small group, or even act as a guide during your own personal quiet time with God. Grab your Bible or Bible App and a journal and write down what God puts on your heart!
Locations & Times
  • Revolution Church
    Saturday 6:00 PM

Worship While You Dig

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When the story of COVID-19 is just a story we tell, will our stories be worth telling?

Is what you're carrying worth catching?
3 Things we will be remembered for:

Work of Faith, Labor of Love, Steadfastness of Hope.
Start Talking
Find a conversation starter for your group:
• What's your go-to pastime when you're stuck at home?
• What story do you think you are writing right now? What do you think future generations will be saying about this time?
• How has the coronavirus situation affected your day-to-day so far?
Start Thinking
Meditate on or talk through these questions to help you think:
• Would you say you're more of a hopeful person or a fearful person? Why so?
• Have you ever been around someone whose passion for Jesus was so strong they couldn't help but share the good news? What was it like being around them?
• Read John 13:35 below. What are some ways you can share the good news of Jesus by the way you live and love?
Start Sharing
Choose a question to create openness:
• What are some ways you can spread faith, love, and hope this week?
• How can you use what God's given you to bless your neighbors and others?

Start Praying
Be bold and pray with power:
• Father, thank You for the good news. Thank You for everything Your Son did when He took the punishment for our sins. Because of Him, we have hope. Show us practical ways we can share that hope with others. In Jesus' name, amen.
Start Doing
Commit to a step and live it out this week:
• Try reaching out to a family member, friend, or neighbor this week and find out whether there's some way you can safely serve them in the days to come.
• Connect to a small group if you haven't yet. Information on small groups below:

Join an online small group today!