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See A Victory - Part 3: "Faith is a Fight"
Locations & Times
  • Worship Center
    2384 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Monday 7:00 PM
The fight of faith is to frame what we see by what God has said.
“Often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” --Helen Keller
2. Turn desperation into determination.
3. Know the need that only Jesus can meet.
God is calling us to trust him even when we don't see the whole picture.
Small Group Outline & Discussion Questions
Celebrate and Care:

Have each person share a high and a low from this past week.

We can frame our world by faith in God’s Word. The fight of faith is to have confidence in God’s Word when it’s different than what we see.
Open Up:

What are three words you are feeling right now? (i.e. hopeful, unmotivated, determined, confused, afraid, etc.)

Choose one or two questions for your group to discuss as time allows.

Hellen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Together, make a list of outcomes we all need faith to see at this time.

Asking God to get on our path is different than choosing to get on God’s path. Where is the fight for faith affecting you most?

“Faith comes from hearing.” What are some faith-building ideas for helpful listening experiences?

Read Luke 4:18-19. Which of the anointed reasons means the most to you right now, and why?

Spend 1-2 minutes in silence with these questions then share your thoughts.

Read Luke 18:35-43. Bartimaeus wanted to see physical things he couldn’t see before. What do you need to ask Jesus to see?

What is one step of your faith path you need to focus on this week?

Read Hebrews 11:3. Pray in faith together to see a victory!