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Family Matters part 5: The Gift of Parenting
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The understatement of the day: PARENTING IS HARD!
How is this been true in your life?
Results from a 70-year and 70,000 person study in the UK:
Choose your PARENTS wisely!

Key Parental influences Identified were:
Talking to and listening to your kids
Making it clear you have ambitions for their future
Being emotionally warm
Teaching them letters and numbers
Taking them on excursions
Reading to them daily
Maintaining a regular bedtime

SHEMA - Hebrew for "hear" ... what this passage is known as in Hebrew/Jewish tradition.

MEZUZAH - Hebrew for "doorpost" ... a term for a scroll or plaque put near the door that contains the SHEMA. Serves as a daily reminder.
Why is parenting is so hard? Because by itself, parenting has no footing. All we do as parents is look at the other parents around us and try to keep up.

When we give into the idea that we want our kids to LIKE US – we give them what they want …. But when we sell out to the idea that we are to MOLD our kids to LIVE & LOVE like JESUS – then we have a firm foundation to parent from!
What are 3 steps we can take today to parent well?
1) Talk to our kids - this brings SELF-WORTH.
2) Offer guidance in their future - this brings structure & discipline.
3) Be kind, warm, & Supportive - learn their LOVE language and speak it often!

How has our privileged lives in 2020 reflected the warnings that Moses gave the people of Israel? How can we avoid those traps causing us to forget about the Lord?
Lord, I need you in my home. I need you in my marriage. I need you as I love my family, learn to forgive one another, see the best in each other and as I pray for all. With your help, I can learn to submit, love and honor each other and in doing so, see you so much more clearly. I long to see you my home. Amen.
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