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Even in Dark Times... There is Hope - Where are you, God?
You see it every day. Bad people taking advantage of the weak. Good people down on their luck. Innocent people suffering. War. Injustice. Ever get the feeling God isn't fair? Discover how an Old Testament prophet can inspire a modern day faith in God's Promises.
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Habakkuk: to embrace or to wrestle.
Habakkuk's Problems with God
1. You don't seem to really care.
2. You aren't doing much when you could.
3. What you are doing, doesn't seem fair.
A committed believer can both wrestle with honest questions and embrace a genuine faith in God.
“What if honestly acknowledging your doubts is your first step toward building a deeper faith? What if embracing your secret questions opens the door for a maturing knowledge of God’s character? What if drawing closer to God, developing genuine intimacy with him, requires you to bear something that feels unbearable? To hear him through an ominous utterance, to trust him in the moment of doom, to embrace his strength when you’re weak with a burden? What if it takes real pain to experience deep and abiding hope?” From Hope in the Dark
Talk about these things with someone:
• Read Habakkuk 1:2-4. Describe a time when you found yourself wrestling with God.
• During a time that was (or is) difficult, how did you (or do you) continue to embrace God in the middle of the trial?
• Who do you have around you to pray with you and support you? How can they be praying for you right now?

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