The Summit Church
WHAT NOW?: What to Do
Study Guide - Week 1
Locations & Times
  • Thursday 6:30 PM
We've recently found ourselves in a "new reality" that can feel like we're living in a movie. What is one recent change you've found to be quite difficult?
Pastor Jonathan refers to prayer as our cry of "dependence on God". How does that phrase resonate with you?
Unrest comes in many forms, and the culture during the time of Jesus was not immune to hardships. Read through the following passage, absorbing it through the lens of the Coronavirus crisis.

Jesus encourages us to ask for our "daily bread". In light of our new reality, how does this scripture effect you?
As we are physically distant from most, we are likely in close quarters with a few. How might Jesus's reference to forgiveness be significant during this time?
Are there other aspects of The Lord's Prayer that have taken on important meaning for you, especially now?
Share your thoughts with your Group about the passage below. Do you find it challenging, comforting, realistic, etc.? How might it help you to choose trust over worry?

Reflect on the scripture below and share your reactions with your Group. (Matthew 7:12)

Pastor Jonathan sums up with 3 words to focus on. Respond to these corresponding questions:
Am I expressing myself to God in PRAYER?
Where am I worrying and need to TRUST?
How can I LOVE those around me (as I want to be loved)?