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Out of the Shadows—Part 2
Much of the Easter story takes place at night, in the darkness—the last supper, Jesus’ prayer in the garden, the denial by Peter, and the arrest and trial before religious leaders. Darkness even took over during the day as Jesus hung on the cross. But in the end, darkness did not prevail! After the night, came the dawn. The light shone in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. Join us on Sunday as we explore how the Easter story moved Out of the Shadows and into the light.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM


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Out of the Shadows—Part 2
[Tim Haring]
Problem | The trial was at night to hide the injustice of it all
Solution | We need to remember certain things when there is a miscarriage of justice
Jesus’ Six Trials
Religious Trials
Before Annas // John 18:12–14
Before Caiaphas // Matthew 26:57–68
Before the Sanhedrin // Matthew 27:1–2
Jesus' Six Trials
Civil Trials
Before Pilate // John 18:28–38
Before Herod // Luke 23:6–12
Before Pilate // John 18:39–19:6
There are numerous apparent illegalities in the officials’ procedures. For example, Jews were not to hold trials at night or during festivals. No capital verdict could be reached in one day, and the accused should have been permitted counsel for the defense. The testimony against Jesus was too flimsy to hold up, and the procedure for calling witnesses made a shambles of the law. –C. Blomberg
… According to the Jewish law recorded in the Mishnah…blasphemy involved the use of the sacred name of God, the name we transliterate as Yahweh. The Mishnah is explicit on this: ‘The blasphemer is not culpable unless he pronounces the Name itself.” Jesus had not used that name; thus according to the Jewish law what he had said might be inadvisable, but it was not blasphemy. –L. Morris
Remember God places people in positions of authority
Remember God places people in positions of authority
Remember that one day, justice will be served
Remember God places people in positions of authority
Remember that one day, justice will be served
Remember to pray for those in authority
Remember God places people in positions of authority
Remember that one day, justice will be served
Remember to pray for those in authority

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