Flood Church
Flood Church - March 22, 2020
We continue our series, "Providence: Desperate Times. Disparate Measures." looking at how God meets us in our desperation. What does it look like to remain faithful in times of cultural unrest and unease? How do we continue to put our trust in God in difficult times? When we face a scary diagnosis, when we don't know how we're going to make rent or pay the bills, when we feel surrounded by scarcity, how do we stay grounded in God? Throughout the series, we'll be looking at the lives of Elijah and Elisha, who show us what it means to live by faith in any circumstance.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
Key Question: "How do we experience God’s Provision in desperate times?"
1. Recognize the Reality of Our Circumstances
2 Kings 4:1
What are you glad about?
What are you sad about?
What are you mad about?
What are you anxious about?
2. Receive God's Empathy and Care Through Others.
2 Kings 4:2-3
3. Remember God's Promise.
2 Kings 4:4-5
Hope is certainty in a good future.
4. Rise Up and Trust in God's Power.
2 Kings 4:2

1. Have a need or meet a need: Let us know if you or your loved ones become sick or are facing financial hardships, and/or if you’re willing and able to help us meet the needs of those who are affected. Email our Community Engagement Pastor, AbbyDyer@DIVEintoFLOOD.com, to learn more.

2. Learn how to steward your finances wisely through Financial Peace University, beginning next Sunday, March 29. Email:PaulStevenAndrews@gmail.com to sign up.

3. Continue seeking the Lord in prayer on behalf of our global community: Participate in our Week of Prayer. DIVEintoFLOOD.com/prayer

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