Community Church of Portage Lakes
Living In The Den - Week 4: Spiritual Madness and God's Grace (Daniel 4)
Join us for the fourth week of our series on the book of Daniel.
Locations & Times
    星期日 5:15 凌晨, 星期日 11:00 上午

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The problem of _______ and ___________
• Belief in ________ but faith our _________

• Truth and a _______ of madness
Insanity is living a life that is ___________ with the truth

God’s ________, but often ________ grace
•His ________ that disturb our _________
•The truth of God’s _______
•The _______ grace of exposing our _________
•Understanding God’s ________ of us as a _________
The healing and health of coming to our _____________
•________ will return to us when we ______________
•____________________ is the beginning of wisdom

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