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"His Love Never Fails"
Welcome into the life, heart and mind of Jesus as he is only a couple of days away from laying down his life for the sins of the world. He is resolute. His presence evokes fear among some, worship among others, and criticism among those closest to him. But Jesus remains Jesus…and we are saved.
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    Sunday 8:15 AM
Instead of fear, faith with wisdom.
The darkness gathers around Jesus.
Dinner at the home of Simon the Leper: A time to remember the works of God.
The intrusion of a woman with extravagant love: A call for unrestrained worship.
Siding with the weak and hurting: An opportunity to love like Jesus.
Eyes on Jesus, the central figure: An invitation to open our lives to God.
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities

What has it been like for you and your family these past couple of weeks? What are you worried about? What are your most challenging adjustments? Where are you having to trust God more deeply?

Read Mark 14.1-11

This is the beginning of the passion of Jesus, his suffering. This is the heart of the Good News of God's love for us in the odd context of unimaginable suffering. Jesus is resolute.

1. Some introductory questions:

Who are the characters in this story?

What roles do they play in the drama that is unfolding?

As you read the story, what is the 'feel' you get from it, how it moves and what it communicates?

2. Notice how the story is couched in hostilities. (verses 1-2 and 10-11)

How does this set a tone?

How does the woman's extravagant gift strike you?
What responses does she receive?
What might have been your response if you were at the dinner?

3. How does Jesus protect her? (verses 6-9).

How do you respond to what Jesus said?

4. Some may conclude the Jesus was devaluing our ministry to the poor. How could this be better understood? (Check out Deuteronomy 15.7-11)

5. When Jesus ate dinner at Simon the Leper's house, it was a significant celebration, a remembrance of a work of Jesus, a healing that changed that leper's life. What works of God could you remember and rehearse that could bring you and others encouragement in these difficult days?

6. How can you more fully and extravagantly worship Jesus during these days?

7. How can you express love for the weak and struggling during these unsettling days?

It is important to pray for one another. Let's do that. Pray big prayers for yourselves and for others in your life. Share the Good News of how Jesus is powerful for you in these days.

Next Week's Study: "Resolute." A study in the Gospel of Mark, chapters 14-16.

All Church Prayer Invitational. A Zoom meeting, Thursday, March 26. Please email Robin McKay at rmckay@pnconline to be included in this event.

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