Fireside Church
Foundation: Your Identity in Christ
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Locations & Times
  • Fireside Church
    714 Indiana Ave, Kiefer, OK 74041, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
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Is it your first time here?
➸ If it’s your first time here please fill out our Connection Card & drop it in the offering box! We would like to properly welcome you!

➸ Submit your Prayer Requests on the back of our Connection Card and place in the offering box or send to

➸ Offering Box located in the back of the sanctuary

➸ Check out the News Event to see more that’s happening at Fireside!
More about Fireside
Fireside is a local church with a big vision to lead people to know God and follow Jesus. We love getting together every week to worship our Father God, hang out with each other, experience a relevant "on earth as it is in heaven" Biblical message and we're glad you're joining us today!

Fireside Church

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