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Get Real - Part 3 - Tame Your Tongue
This week we continue our series on the book of James in the New Testament of our Bibles. James wrote a letter calling the followers of Jesus to get real about their faith. This week we explore the 3rd chapter of James.
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Get Real!
Today we continue exploring James' call to Get Real about our faith and life in Jesus. In Chapter 3 James calls for believers to tame their tongues.
Real faith is more than words, but our words matter.

Last week we explored chapter 2 and that our faith must be more than words and right theology. We must put our faith into action. But in chapter 3 James makes it clear that our words matter. The tongue has an oversized influence on our lives and others around us.
The Great Power of the Tongue
James claims that the tongue has great power to set the course of our lives and also great potential for destruction. We must choose our words wisely.

Do your words give life or death?
The Tongue: An Instrument of Praise or a Tool for Cursing?
James continues to Get Real about the challenge of taming the tongue. He brings the message home by pointing out the incongruence of praising God and cursing those created in HIS image with the same instrument. This should not be!

Have you ever found yourself praising God in one moment and cursing someone the next?
Where Do Words Come From?
Our words come from somewhere, but where. Jesus taught that our words are a product of what is stored up in our hearts. James targets this issue by talking about two kinds of wisdom. Our words can come from wisdom that comes from heaven or from wisdom that is earthly, unspiritual and demonic.

Where do your words come from?
A closing prayer from the psalms

Life Group Discussion Questions Below

As our life groups gather this week, we have attached our reference verse and some questions to prompt a deeper discussion and search into this week's topic.

If you are not currently part of a life group, and would like to join a small group of like minded people in fellowship and connection during the week, please contact Nick on 0417472474 to register your interest.
Life Group Discussion - Read James 3:1-18 above
(1) What stands out to you most when reading this passage?
(2) How seriously have you taken the power of your tongue/words in your life to date?
(3) How can our words shape the course of our life?
(4) Has there ever been a time when your life was set on fire by your words? What have you learned from that experience?
(5) James uses some strong words for the origins of our words, what is your understanding of the tongue being set on fire by hell?
(6) How can we tame our tongue in order to bring God glory through our speech?

Take some time to pray for one another

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