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Hearing the Voice of God 2
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Hearing the Voice of God 2

Men shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that proceeds from the MOUTH of God.
It is not the written word that keeps our relationship with God vibrant, it is the spoken word in our hearts.

Many Christians struggle with hearing God’s voice. The struggle is not in the hearing but doubts if it is really God. So you need to be aware and alert that God can speak to you anytime and in many ways. Some of the ways are...
1. Through the Word of God.
God cannot speak to you through the word of God if you are not reading it. Yet it is the easier way to hear God, especially when some truth really minister to you. When that happens spend some time to meditate on what you have just read by asking God, what, why, when and how.

2. Through visions and dreams. Acts 10:9-16
Not all dreams are from God, in fact only a small percentage are from God. Visions are pictures you see in your spirit whether with your eyes closed or open.
3. Through others. Acts 21:10-13
Sometimes God speaks to us through others or especially a prophet. Paul had prior warning but he already knew persecution awaits him. Acts 20:22-24
God can use anyone to speak to us. He used a donkey to speak to Balaam.
4. Through circumstances.
It’s call open and closed doors. Although this should not be used as the final way in which God speaks to us but some open and closed doors are very certain that its God’s will.
5. Through an audible Voice. I Sam 3:1-5
Little Samuel heard an audible voice of God calling him. An audible voice is like you hear me speaking to you now. Saul who was knock off his horse while on the way to persecute Christians had Jesus speaking to him audibly.
6. Through your spirit man.
To be continued...

1. Share with us what are the ways God had spoken to you?
2. Have you had visions and dreams?
3. Has God used anyone to speak to you?
4. Can you share one circumstance that caused you to make a major decision?