Beaumont's First Baptist Church
Book of the Covenant, Part 1
Exodus 21-23:9
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  • 3739 N Major Dr, Beaumont, TX 77713, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
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Book of the Covenant, Part 1 (Exodus 21 – 23:9)

Biblical J.U.S.T.I.C.E.
J____________________ Treatment of Servants (21:1–11)
U____________________ in Personal Injuries (21:12–36)
S____________________ Personal Property (22:1–15)
T____________________ Humanity with Respect (22:16–31)
I____________________ Justice (23:1–9)
C____________________ Holy Times (23:10–19)
E____________________ the Promised Land (23:20–33)

Multiple Uses of the Law
1. The Law was given as a “mirror,” (MRI) to point out sin but not remove sin (James 1:22–25).

2. The Law was given as a “guardian,” (path of life) to show the way to the greater gift of Jesus (Gal. 4:1–7).

3. The Law became a “yoke” (burden) in that the Law brings bondage (Acts 15:10; Gal. 5:1; Rom. 8:3)

4. The Law was given as “letters written on stones” (2 Cor. 3) in contrast to the law of love written on our hearts by the Spirit

5. The Law was a mere “____________” in contrast to the reality and fulfillment we have in Christ (Heb. 10:1; Col. 2:14–17)

Just, Uprightness, Safeguarding, Treating, Imparting, Celebrating, Enjoying, Shadow