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The King Is Here!
Dan DeRoche | Mark 2:1-3:6
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“I believe in Christianity like I believe in the rising of the sun. I believe it not because I can see it, but when I see it, I can see everything else.”
- C.S. Lewis
Scene 1: The King is ______. (2:1-12)
- Forgiveness was something that happened in heaven
- Now it is happening right before their eyes
Scene 2: The King makes sinful ________ clean. (2:13-17)
- The way to God is not external effecting the internal
- It is internal effecting the external
Scene 3: The King changes ________. (2:18-22)
Religious Rulers Approach:
Use the Word of God in an attempt to disprove the work and identity of the Son of God.
In this new kingdom here is what we see:
- Forgiveness is available
- Sinners are becoming disciples
- All in need of spiritual healing are made well
- So what is the right response? CELEBRATE!
Scene 4: The King ________ over all. (2:23-28)
Scene 5: The King is ________. (3:1-6)
Jesus sets up a carefully staged theater to put the power of God on display.
In Your Heart…
Has Jesus become the King who gives light to everything else?

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