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OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) – Keys to Minimizing Fear, Anxiety and Worry in Your Life With the wonder of modern technology, today’s cars are able to perform self-diagnostics. The placement of meters, gauges, computer circuits are able to send signals and assessments to the ‘brain’ which can then be read and rightly remedied. Nothing new though. God created that first. And in a far more complex and comprehensive system. Your body. In many places, the Bible tells us that normal operation for God’s sons and daughters is without fear, without worry, and without anxiety. But many Christ-followers are bogged down, restricted, weary and hampered in life by just those things. Join us in this series as we look at some of the God-given system checks that are key to living and firing on all cylinders.
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  • Four Mile Church
    6078 Tuscarawas Rd, Beaver, PA 15009, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

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Sunday's at 10:30AM
MARCH 15TH, 2020
Keeping Pace Under the Limit

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