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For Sure part 2
How does God "Take" our situations and turn them around for us? Even when we have allowed our mess ups to define us or scar us; God has another plan for those who will enter into His Grace and His Kingdom. Come to Him, He does not Rub it in our face...He changes it! But what does He "change it too"? Find out today...
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    Sunday 10:30 AM
Recap: For Sure Part 1

I. God Establishes:
We don't understand things that happen in our lives at times. It can cause us to question God. But God's sovereign will is ultimately going to come around to bring Him glory. Our job is not to understand all things, but to trust the God who does understand, beyond our ability to comprehend!

Trust that God operates in Sure things! When God offers to forgive you; It is "For Sure". When God offers to Heal you; It is "FOR SURE"!

Which is a sure thing for life? You as king or God as KING?

In the NLT the term "confirm" is used. This is a more modern word that holds true to the context of the word "established"; in verse 19 & 21
I. God Seals (Sealed)

A. God does not "Rub things in"...

How easy is it for us to allow our failures and mess ups to identify us?
God not only "establishes" us (takes our life, mistakes and all, and turns them around for our good and His glory) He also Seals us.

What does "SEALED" mean in these scriptures?

God has sealed us - IDENTIFIED US - AS HIS!

B. KNOW that God is SURE.

Joshua 5:13-14 (NLT) Joshua approaches the borders of Jericho. He looks up and sees a man. But it is no man. It is an Angel of God, or Jesus Himself. It startles Joshua: Joshua ask: are you friend or foe for us or against us. The Angel of God's Armies replies: Neither. I'm not for you or against you.

Why does He answer like that?
Why is God not on our side?
Why is there no such thing as "my truth" or "your truth"?

What reason does pastor David give us that the world uses this line of thinking? What scripture goes against this; one for starters.
When God speaks: It is a Sure Thing!