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Hearing the voice of God 1
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Hearing the voice of God 1

Rom 8:14, 16
How many of you have been speaking to your children but they are not listening? How about speaking to your husband?...

How do you think the Holy Spirit must have felt when you do not listen to Him. 1 Thess 5:19 says we can quench the Holy Spirit. We quench Him when we ignore Him.

We have a God who wants to speak to us, He is interested in our everyday life. He leads, not interfere. He wants to lead us to the path of righteousness, into His blessings and into victory.
1. God wants to speak

At creation – Gen 3:8,9
God came to the garden looking for Adam and Eve.
Then He called Abraham. Gen 12:1 God was very much involved in the lives of His people.

The Tabernacle – God instructed Moses to build a tabernacle where the Art was placed in the Holy of Holies. God wants to be amongst His people.

The Lord Jesus Heb 1:1-2
Jesus became the final revelation of God. Jesus said, he who had seen me had seen the Father.
2. God initiates communication.

God was the one who spoke to many in the Bible. Each time we see that it was not men begging God to speak but God spoke freely and even without we asking
3. God gave us the Holy Spirit. John 14:26

The reason for the Holy Spirit is so that God can continue to communicate with us. He is our friend and Helper. He has never leave us.

God wants to speak, do you want to hear?

1. Do you feel that God is speaking to you often?
2. Was it when you ask God to speak or He speaks to you without you asking?
3. How well do you know the Holy Spirit?
4 Do you want to hear God?