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Spiritual Gifts 2
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Spiritual Gifts 2

Spiritual gifts are the supernatural workings of God in the lives of the Hebrew and now in the church. God told Abraham He will destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and that is the word of knowledge. Many man of God like the prophets particularly Elijah and Elisha performed many miracles and today we call them the working of miracles. Jesus operates all these gifts as mentioned except for tongues and interpretation of tongues.

But your may say, “I don’t believe in spiritual gifts.” If you don’t believe in spiritual gifts, then I suppose you don’t believe in miracles. If you don’t believe in miracles, you are not alone. Every generation since the creation of man they are many who doesn’t believe in miracles. But since you believe in Jesus and had experience His reality, there is no reason why you don’t believe that our God is still working in our midst today.

There are 9 spiritual gifts mentioned in I Cor 12 and we need to understand that it is already working in the church and because there was chaos, Paul wrote to identify these spiritual activities and how they work. In most cases 2 or more gifts are at work together.

There are 3 categories to these 9 gifts.
1. The Vocal gifts.
Different kinds of tongues, Interpretation of tongues and prophecy.
Tongues – when God uses a person to speak to another and with interpretation can bring breakthrough, inner healing etc.
Prophecy is to speak forth in forth telling and fore telling. It is to affirm what God had been speaking and also grant assurance of God’s leading for the future.
2. The Revelation gifts.
Word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits.
Word of wisdom is the ability to answer and speak wisely. Maybe you are in a fix and God gives you the wisdom to solve a certain matter. Word of knowledge is God revealing a certain matter to you for prayer or to minister to someone. Discerning of spirits is knowing whether a person is operating in a right spirit and if not what kind of spirit.
3. The Power gifts.
Faith, gifts of healings and working of miracles.
Faith is a sudden unction of faith to perform certain miracles. Healings to bring healing to those who are sick and miracles are workings of God that defy natural laws.
You have no more excuse to be ignorant. Imagine your mother had been cooking your dinner and at age 15, you asked, “who had been cooking my dinner?”

1. Have you experience someone exercising spiritual gifts on you?
2. How much do you believe in miracles?
3. Do you desire to be used in these spiritual gifts?
4. If you desire, what are you going to do about it?