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Why We...—Part 1
Many people have given in to the notion that church is no longer an important part of American society. Some view it as irrelevant. Others presume the church is out of touch with the modern world. Jesus says otherwise. By contrast, the Bible proclaims that the church is the hope of the world—it will prevail even when everything else fails. Throughout the series, we’ll explore what it means to be a part of the spiritual family, and how we can continue to overcome those misconceptions. Let’s discover how we can be the church by showing love, kindness, and grace through actions in faith.
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Overcome, Raise a Hallelujah, Live Again, Way Maker Today, February 23—Beginning February 23rd, join us for the Revelation Bible Study! Pastor Tim will be leading the study group through an in-depth exploration of the book of Revelation. We’ll be continuing Part 1 of the study as we discuss chapters 8–11. Join us for four consecutive Sundays from 5pm to 6:30pm. Let us know you’ll be there by signing up online. Sunday, February 29—On Saturday, February 29th, we invite all men to a free breakfast at The Ridge! You’ll get a chance to connect with old and new friends, and we’ll help you discover if there are groups and events around The Ridge that are a good fit for you! Register today at the link. Sunday, March 1—All students in 6th–12th grade are invited to attend a snow tubing trip to Wisp Resort! Meet us in The Loft at 12:30pm on Sunday, March 1st for lunch. Then we’ll ride together to McHenry, MD for a couple hours of wintertime fun! Sign up at the link! Beginning March 10th and 11th—The Women’s Study Group begins March 10th and 11th! You can attend the evening or morning group—whatever fits your schedule best! During this short-term study, we’ll explore the book of Philippians. You’ll learn that you’re able to follow Jesus no matter what life throws at you. Discover how joy and sacrifice can go hand-in-hand! Register today at the link. Beginning March 10th and 13th—Men in every stage of life are invited to join us for a study group beginning March 10th and 13th! Discover how to accept responsibility, reject passivity, love unconditionally, live with integrity, and lead courageously. Become a better man through the lens of the gospel. Join the evening group or morning group—sign up online!

Why We...—Part 1
[Tim Haring]
Problem | We don’t realize that serving is part of God’s growth program
Solution | When we serve, we grow
The road from Jerusalem to Jericho passed through a wilderness which was so notorious for robberies and murders that a portion of it was called “the red or bloody way…” –M.R. Vincent
Reasons we may choose not to help others:
• It’s not my problem.
• It will cost me too much.
• I don’t care.
What did the Samaritan do differently?
• He saw this as his problem.
• He was willing to pay the cost.
• He cared.
Jesus indicated that one should worry less about who a neighbor is than about being a good neighbor. –R.H. Stein

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