Faith Southern Baptist Church
Morning Worship
Locations & Times
  • Dickson
    7575 OK-199, Ardmore, OK 73401, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
As a minister and witness

Open their eyes

Turn them from darkness to light

From power of satan to God

Preach the forgiveness of sins

Proclaim an inheritance among the saints

Declare sanctification by faith in Jesus
Paul tells Agrippa

I could not just walk away from a vision like that

Perfect vision for Saul

I became a believer on the spot

A life-changing moment

Radical turn to God

I wanted to tell everyone - whole world dimension

Repent and turn to God, then do works befitting repentance

This message is not new...saying nothing more than what the prophets and Moses said would come

Christ would suffer

Christ is the first to rise from the dead

Proclaim light to all men
Festus erupts

You are crazy!

Get a grip!

Much learning has made you mad!

Here’s the proof:
Though in chains he said he is happy

He insists God could raise the dead

He changed his whole life based on a vision

More concerned with proclaiming Jesus than his own freedom

He believes there is hope for all mankind

Paul’s response...

I am not mad but speak truth and reason

It is not based on a vision, but on a person

I met Jesus
Agrippa’s response...

“Keep this up much longer and you’ll make a Christian out of me”

Agrippa may have thought, I have too much to lose

Paul, still in chains...that is what I am praying for, for everyone to become like me, except for these prison ornaments

The huddle - the verdict

Not guilty

Freedom would be yours if you hadn’t appealed to Caesar

Did Paul blow it or simply follow the will of the Lord?

He is sent to Rome at the expense of the government