Horizons Community Church
Sunday Worship 2/16/2020
NEW-YEAR SERIES—Best Feet Forward “Heart Restart” Hebrews 12:18-29 Pastor John Ewton
Locations & Times
  • Horizons Community Church
    3200 Grainger Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68516, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM

There's a group for everyone!

Open Groups:

• Mens Group - Horizons - Sundays 8am
• Mens Group - Horizons - Mondays 7pm
• Mens Group (20s/30s) - south Lincoln - Saturdays 8:45am
• Womens Group - Horizons - Thursday 6pm
• Everything Instant Pot - Horizons - Saturday 10am
• Knitting/Crocheting - Horizons - Tuesdays 6pm
• Couples Group - homes - Thursdays 6:30pm
• Couples Group - homes Roca area - 6:30pm

Questions: contact karen@horizonschurch.org

Join the Mission and Serve on the Team!

Join the mission of Horizons and serve on the Team!

Transformational Worship is devoted to the community:

1. As I lose my focus on myself and my needs, I open to the needs of others.

2. Each of us is called to reach out and serve others, both within and outside of our church family.

3. We also grow as we meet in small groups within the church family. Here we make the teaching real as we challenge each other to grow and to change.

4. Communion reminds me that I am no different than my brothers and sisters. We have all failed the Father and stand in need of his love and grace.

5. And finally, transformational worship leads to generosity. As I turn from myself and focus on my Father, I am reminded of his generosity to me and others.

6. As a loving child, I want to be like my Father and give freely of my time and resources.
As we experience the true God in worship, we see our own self-centeredness and surrender to the One who loves us. As we surrender to God’s love, the mission of His Church becomes and important part of our lives. We give generously of our time, resources and finances to support God’s mission. We give because we love.”
~Pastor John

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