The Church at Creek's End
Fueling the Fire
Accelerants can be added as well. In the early church, a man named Barnabas was used to fuel the fire. As an encourager, he know how to build a fire under people. Today, we can learn from this early church leader how we can add fuel to the flames.
Locations & Times
  • Creek's End Campus
    20010 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX 77379, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
For the fire to spread we must be willing to fuel it by _____________________________
1. ________________________________________ adds fuel to the fire.
2. ___________________________________________ adds fuel to the fire.
3. ___________________________________________ adds fuel to the fire.
The Power of Oneness
The Creek’s End Family gathers for Bible Study at 9:30 AM. Little Creek, Creek Kids, and E-Three Students will also meet during this time. At 11:00 AM we will worship TOGETHER, with only Little Creek meeting the second hour. We believe not only the Creek’s End family needs to worship together, but our individual families need to worship together as a family as well.
Coming Soon: "Man On Fire"
We’ve all seen it. An athlete is suddenly “on fire” and can’t miss a bucket, can’t be stopped, can’t be beaten and changes the outcome of a game. The early church had its own superstar, and man was he on fire! He even started out on the wrong team. But as we will learn, when we are on fire for God, life change happens and we discover a new purpose burning in our hearts.

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