Faith Southern Baptist Church
Dead-end Street
Morning Worship
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  • Dickson
    7575 OK-199, Ardmore, OK 73401, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Frame of reference


Word of the Lord


Then Agrippa said to Paul, “You are permitted to speak for yourself”

Paul should be intimidated

Agrippa’s great-grandfather tried to kill the infant Jesus

Agrippa’s grandfather had John the Baptist beheaded

Agrippa’s father martyred the apostle James

Paul thinks himself happy

Accused for years as heretic and insurrectionist

Incarcerated for years

Held in chains for years


I might agree with Festus, “Paul you are mad” nuts!

How could Paul be happy?

The word of the Lord

Acts 23:11 “ of good cheer....”

Paul knew he was following the will of his sovereign God, his risen Savior and leadership of Holy Spirit

Paul testifies before Agrippa of his days as a terrorist

Filled with hate and persecution of the way, giving hearty approval of torture and assassination of Christians

Emboldened by the same Jewish leaders who are now persecuting him

Paul was not bragging about his past, simply revealing the gracious redemption in Christ Jesus
Paul’s conversion

While being occupied as a terrorist....

Jesus shows up

Personal engagement with Jesus

Saul, Saul!
Was Paul moved by falling off his horse or by Jesus calling him by name?

Jesus tells Paul that persecuting Him is a dead-end street

Still is
Paul’s calling

I will deliver you for this purpose

To open their eyes, in order...

To turn them from darkness to light

Turn them from the power of satan to God

That they may receive the forgiveness of sin

That they may receive an inheritance among Christians

Those who are sanctified by faith in Me?
That’s the gospel

That’s our calling as the church of Jesus Christ

We are to open their eyes by the Spirit and the Word

We are to educate them by the Spirit and the Word

We are expose them to the power of God by the Spirit and the Word

Give them a hope of forgiveness

Read the will

An inheritance is offered to those who are sanctified by faith in Christ