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The Bedroom Fixer Upper Week 2
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The foundation of a Godly marriage isn't happiness, it's unity.
God wants to UNITE.
 The word “united” comes from a Hebrew word.
 The root word is the word “echad,”
 It means united or it means completely joined as one.
The enemy wants to DIVIDE.
 What is division?
o Di means divided or two
o Vision is direction
 Division is simply two different directions.
 How can we get somewhere with two visions?
So how do 2 people that are different live in unity?
A common mission and a common enemy.
What do we know about this couple?
 We know they together supported Paul's ministry.
 We know they both risked their lives for Paul at one point.
 We know that they led a small Group in their home.
Find the things you love together, and you hate together and let them unify you.