Christ Community Wesleyan Church
2-9-20 Sermon Notes
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  • Christ Community Wesleyan Church
    6275 Kenney Memorial Ln, Albany, OH 45710, USA
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Disciple Maker Series
Truth of the Disciple
Week 5 / February 9, 2020
Three Deadly Errors
The Spirit Brings Truth
John 16
1. The Holy Spirit brings CONVICTION of sin.
Implication: A refusal to believe in the power of Jesus is the sin that BLOCKS FORGIVENESS for all other sins.
2. The Holy Spirit brings forth the opportunity to SEE the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jesus.
Implication: We ONLY experience salvation through the POWER of the true righteous one, JESUS.
3. The Holy Spirit would CONCLUDE that the prince of this world now stands CONDEMNED.
Implication: Jesus’ crucifixion has toppled the POWER of the prince of this world. We can experience freedom!
DECLARE with your mouth and BELIEVE in your heart.
Implication: The truth sheds light on authentic JOY. The disciple experiences authentic JOY.
“Prevenient Grace: grace that comes before grace”