Shadows Move/I Will Not Forget
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Shadows Move

Verse 1
More faithful than the stars remain
More constant than the seasons change
Your presence is an honest pledge
That for us You are unfaltering

Shadows will move in the light of Your face
Mountains make way as we lift up holy praise

Verse 2
More faithful than the ocean's tide
More constant than the stride of time
You don't retreat from what You've said
So on Your Word we testify

No higher power, no name above
You are the God of the mighty
Oceans may dry, stars may grow dim
But Yours is a lasting glory/You're everlasting
I Will Not Forget

Far above the highest of men
Still You know me, You're closer than a friend
You are my goal, You are my prize
Jesus, Lover of my soul

Everything I've ever wanted
Everything I'll ever need
You fill me with love everlasting
I'm so glad You rescued me

I don't want to leave this place
I don't want to lose this picture of mercy
I will not forget the way You rescued me

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