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Visions and Dreams
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Notice the powerful things God ‘normalizes’ in this age of New Testament Christianity:
1. His Spirit is poured out on ALL flesh!
2. Normal Christians will prophesy (speak forth divine utterance)
3. Normal Christians will see visions and dreams

This is why we teach and practice Spirit empowered Christianity – it normalizes what many religious people see as rare – healing, miracles, a supernatural prayer life, and the gifts of the Spirit.

"I’m not sure of the precise difference here between visions and dreams. Dreams can be at night or they can be something that constantly motivates you" (MLK).

A vision can be the same – a supernatural appearance, or a compelling life purpose.

Either way, these are ways God regularly speaks to us and guides us.
• The defining characteristic of both is it is something you SEE.
• However you feel God has spoken to you or revealed His will, ultimately,
You must SEE it before you can DO it. (athletes, business, sales, ministry)

The Bible tells us we need vision in our life. Without it, we can live aimless lives.

Evidences of a vision or dream from God:
Needs that are not being addressed – families, youth, marketplace, governmentIt could be something that grows in you, or God just drops in on youNehemiah (Visioneering)Vision America
People were buying the separation of church and state liePeople ran for office; people are being mobilized to vote with understanding
College age ministry – just came out of nowhere in my time of prayer
Was my healing when we lost our daughterWe literally reached thousands at a national level before it was over

It CAN be
It’s not ‘pie in the sky’ (world peace).How has God positioned you to meet the need you see? How does your history coincide with that problem or need? Plan it out by faith.Business or ministry – if it doesn’t work on paper, it probably won’t work.
It will stretch you and require faith
John F. Kennedy on going to the moonThere are always PROBLEMS between the PROMISE and the PROVISIONPromised Land and giantsAn easy life is a boring lifeIf it’s easy it’s probably not a vision from GodCollege ministry took an extra 15-20 hours a week for about 10 years. God wants to develop you in the process

It’s about the Kingdom
The Kingdom of God is the government or rule of God, not in a nation but in people’s livesGod will give the lead pastor the core vision for the church; our role is not to discover that but to support itHe will give you a vision or a dream that embraces your part of furthering His kingdomWe were never meant to just seek how to make a living.

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these (material) things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33)!
Do you have a dream for your life? A vision?
Is it bigger than you?
Does it expand God’s Kingdom?

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