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Why Am I Suffering
Sunday Morning Bible Study Outline
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM
The Point

Don’t assume your suffering is the direct result of sin in your life.
The Bible Meets Life

A common teaching in many eastern religions is karma—the idea that your actions today determine what happens to you in the future. Unfortunately, this mistaken idea that you get what you deserve is not limited to eastern religion. Many in the church think it makes sense in explaining suffering: you’ve sinned and you are being punished with suffering. Even in the oldest written book in the Bible, men tried to use this argument to explain Job’s suffering.
The Setting

Job is an example of ancient wisdom literature that seeks to answer a difficult moral or ethical question. In this case, it deals with the reason for suffering. While the genre is wisdom, it’s important to remember that Job was a real person suffering real pain—though not because of sin. In John 9, Jesus addressed this same question of suffering with His disciples. Like Job’s friends, they assumed all suffering was punishment for sin. And like Job, Jesus debunked their errant theology.
What’s something that lots of people enjoy but you can’t stand?
Why is it so easy to believe that our suffering has to be the result of our sin?

Where do you see the idea of “karma” promoted in today’s culture?
How would you summarize Job’s argument in these verses?

What strategies have helped you when God felt distant?
When have you seen God glorified in the midst of suffering?

Why do we often struggle to explain or understand suffering?

How does Jesus’ response to the disciples help us put suffering into perspective?
How will you live out the truth of this study?

Confess any sin. All suffering is not a result of sin, but sin can lead to suffering. Ask God to reveal any sin in your life. Confess that and thank Him for His grace and forgiveness.

Give Him honor. Ask God to show you how He wants to strengthen you during a time of suffering. While dealing with difficulties, look for ways to honor Christ.

Encourage others. Everyone’s experience with suffering is different, but share with someone how God helped you, strengthened you, and brought glory to Himself during a time of hardship or suffering.
A common Christian belief is suffering results from sin. But the sufferings of Job and the man born blind reminds us suffering is about faith and bringing glory God.