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Faith to Faith (Romans 1:1-17)// Involve Church
Join us as we kick off our new series in Romans. Today's message: Faith to Faith (Romans 1:1-17) // To find out more about Involve Church, head to or email
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Big Idea: The book of Romans will challenge your faith at every level

1. From the teacher to the student (1-7)
a. Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, is the author
b. The religious and non-religious are the audience
2. The gospel is both integrative and transformative (8-17)
a. Unmet Christians across the world love the same Jesus
b. The gospel continually transforms your faith
Commit to transforming your faith by either:
1. Placing your faith in Jesus
2. Reading the Bible regularly
3. Establishing a prayer routine
4. Connecting with a discipleship partner/group
5. Sharing the gospel

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