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Climbing the Walls part 1
Do people see your heart? Is it a HEART of Hope? or Despair? Peace? or Panic? Love? or Hate? Our heart strings can be jerked and pulled in many difference ways throughout our lifetime. It is time for a heart checkup. Instead of life making you feel like "Climbing the Walls", it is time to be restored and strengthened so you can accomplish what God has called us to: FOR PEOPLE TO SEE & HEAR HIS HEART. Today is the beginning of a new sermon series and a new you. Don't miss a Sunday!
Locations & Times
  • Grace Family Fellowship Pentecostal Holiness Church
    24093 NC-903, Robersonville, NC 27871, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
What heart did they hear? Taylor's or Patricia's?

As a Christian, we have had a heart transplant - when we were born again.

When someone observes your life, what HEART do people hear?

The Story of Nehemiah and Jerusalem.

I. Weakened Defense

A. Loss of Hope...

Have you allowed your weak spiritual defense to allow things in your life that you know are not right? Things that God is not pleased with?

Have your gates been burned down? So that almost anything can come in and get out? Have the wrong spirits been allowed to come in your borders and the Holy Spirit lost His place as FIRST and Guard?
* what does the word "deposit" refer to?
Examine the Walls and Gates of your life. Some areas need to be restored. With God's Grace and Power, He will help you rebuild and be restored... to have the strength to do His will. Do not settle for less!
B. (When) Your heart has drifted away.

This will effect your energy, your passion, and your since of purpose.
But there is a solution!
Join Pastor David in reading Nehemiah 1:4-11 I would encourage you to read it in your Bible or Bible app so you can highlight it.
Now what will you do?
Remember Taylor and Patricia. The sacrifice. Jesus sacrificed A LOT more than that for you so His Heart can be heard through you!

Who's heart will people see through you?