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Our True Identity
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  • Community Bible Fellowship
    1109 SE 3rd St, Aledo, IL 61231, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
1. Let Us

As God himself is community… he made us to be communal.
Just like God, we are more “we” than “me”.
Without relationships we don’t have an authentic identity.

2. Our Image

God has some characteristics that are unique to him:
Omnipotence (we don’t have all power)
Omniscience (we don’t know everything)
Omnipresence (we can’t be everywhere)

3. Rule (dominion)

We’re not called to dominate creation but to steward or improve it.

4. What difference will you make today?

Identify one of the characteristics of God we discussed:

How could you use one of these this week to create a bit of heaven here on earth?
Don’t race past this challenge. Calendar it! Choose a time, a place, a people, where you are going to exercise part of your divine nature for communal improvement.
Don’t forget that you were created… miraculously… in incredible detail… effortlessly by our Heavenly Father with a divine purpose to reflect the characteristics of God in community.