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"The Abundance of Love"
How quickly we discover that our patience, mercy and compassion run dry. So often we retreat into our small selves because we are spent, we are anxious, we are fearful. Into the desert of our lack comes Jesus, revealing and imparting to us the God of abundance.
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Made for More--Confronting the myth of scarcity and experiencing God's abundance.
Shifting from scarcity to abundance: "Love comes from God."
Worshiping and Praying...Gazing and Saying. Expanding our capacity to love.
Shifting from scarcity to abundance: "Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar."
Shifting from scarcity to abundance: "In this world we are like Jesus."
Pray this into existence! Meaning? This can only happen through a worshiping praying relationship with God in community with others.

2020--A Year of Prayer and Fasting
Group Life Communities: A Study of I John 4.7-21

Take a moment to create a phrase or sentence that describes something you truly hope will happen in 2020?

As we explore the reality of God's abundance, why do you think so much of life is marked by what we lack or the fear of not having enough? How do you see this displayed in your own life or in the lives of others around you?

Let's discover more about the abundance of God's love. The Scripture focus for us is I John 4.7-21. Read this attentively together.

1. What is the primary descriptor of God? How is this further demonstrated or explained in this reading?

2. What if we are not primarily thinkers, but lovers? What difference would it make if we understood ourselves in this way? What changes could happen in your life if you consistently worshipped God as he is described here?

3. According to these verses, how can we become loving persons, a loving community of people called the church?

4. Here are some other references to this kind of love: (I John 3.16-18, I Corinthians 13.4-8, Luke 6.27-38). If you were to begin to pray this into your life, asking God to make you this kind of lover, what phrases shine light on where you need breakthrough?

5. God has given us his Holy Spirit (I John 4.13). We can be empowered to love like this: "In this world we are like Jesus." (I John 4.17). Discuss how we demonstrate that we truly believe this?


Prayer with Fasting, this Wednesday. Take a meal or a regular activity out of play and instead, pray. Ask God to shape your life more to be more aligned and empowered with HIS love.

Open Invitation to a Prayer Gathering, this Thursday (Jan 16), 7pm-8.15pm. Youth Worship Room

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